I am highly committed to training and mentoring students. I have mentored more than 10 students who have gone on to master’s or doctoral programs at the U of T, UBC, York, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Oxford, John Hopkins University, LSE, Hebrew University.

Currently at York University, I am working with multiple doctoral and undergraduate student supervisions.

  • My research assistant (RA) Joanne Ong recently presented our on-going research at Harvard University.
  • My research assistant (RA) Jagdeep Heir will present OUR on-going research at this year’s Canadian Sociological Association annual meeting in London at Western University (June 1-6, 2020; two papers have been accepted).
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7 missing pieces: why students prefer in-person over online classes

With some of my students, we recently came together as a virtual group to discuss what makes in-person classes unique and different from online-learning. Through this productive discussion, we were able to determine what it is about in-person classes that we long for. Here, we share with you seven main themes that emerged in our conversations. The full report will be published in University Affairs on Nov. 30.

The authors of the report are students Joanne Ong, Rebecca De Santo, Jagdeep Heir, Edmund Siu, Nirosa Nirmalan, Martin B. Ofori, Abiola Awotide, Okeida Hassan, Raquel Ramos, Taha Badaoui, Victoria Ogley, Christian Saad, Esteban Sabbatasso and Susan Morrissey Wyse, as well as Cary Wu (

My student Joanne Ong receive Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE) $5000.

Joanne Ong

DARE Project: China’s Urbanization in the Urban Age: A Scenic Approach
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
 Cary Wu

“From DARE, I came to know that the desire to learn requires I be critical, persistent and focussed on the experience, not just exposed to the material. By reconsidering my outlook, I was able to transform my learning strategies and develop a greater sense of curiosity.”

Click here to view Joanne’s research poster.

We have a review paper A scenic walk through Brenner’s New Urban Spaces in Toronto forthcoming in journal International Sociology

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