How Chinese citizens view their government’s coronavirus response?

Outside China, opinions about China’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic is divided between praise and blame. But How Chinese citizens view their government’s coronavirus response?

My recent opinion piece in The Conversation.

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Fairchild TV interview

Click to view my interview with Fairchild TV where I shared my COVID-19 research and my visit to Wuhan last year before the outbreak.

Research Project: The Dynamics of Trust Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 2020

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Amount awarded: $176,256
Principal Investigator: Cary Wu (York University, Canada)
Collaborators: Zhilei Shi (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China) Bo Chen (Wuhan University, China) Malcolm Fairbrother (Umeå University, Sweden) Giuseppe (Nick) Giordano (Lund University, Sweden)Jan Mewes (Lund University, Sweden) Hongna Miao (Nanjing University, China) Rima Wilkes (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Project summary:Trust is essential to the containment of epidemics. Only if people are sufficiently trusting can governments and health officials organize and implement effective responses. Populations with little confidence in public officials and health agencies are less likely to comply with prevention and control measures. People also need to trust each other, if they are to work together to mitigate the impacts of an epidemic. We will therefore study the relationship between the COVID-19 outbreak and four kinds of trust: trust in government, trust in health agencies, social trust in generalized others, and outgroup trust. China and Canada will be the major sites of this research. We ask, first, how is trust (or its absence) shaping public responses to the COVID-19 outbreak? Here we focus on people’s compliance with control policies, their adoption of preventive behaviours, and their willingness to offer help to others. Second, how are the outbreak and governmental attempts to contain it influencing people’s trust, including (given the pandemic’s origins) trust in overseas Chinese and in Chinese immigrants in Canada? The project will entail the collection and analysis of survey data in Canada and China during the pre-crisis, in-crisis, and post-crisis phases of the outbreak.

I received York University Open Access Author Fund (US$1,590)

March 2020

The funding will be used to pay the open access fee for our forthcoming article in PLOS ONE: The gender gap in commenting: Women are less likely than men to comment on (men’s) published research

My Recently Published Article on Trust Among Americans is Featured in Yfile

February 2020

“Wu’s study “Does Migration Affect Trust? Internal Migration and the Stability of Trust among Americans,” published in The Sociological Quarterly, examined whether people are trusting because that’s how they were raised from an early age or whether they constantly adjusted their trust throughout their life according to social experiences gained along the way.” Read more >

I received funding ($10,774) from the Canada‐China Initiatives Fund, York Centre For Asian Research

February 2020

The funding will be used to organize an international York‐CASS workshop on Substantiable Urbanization in China and Canada: Comparative Perspectives.

I received funding ($4,380) from the Canada‐China Initiatives Fund, York Centre For Asian Research

February 2020

The funding will support my research project on Chinese Urbanization in Global Urban Age: A Scenic Approach.

Our Research is Profiled by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada

January 2020

Our research article on immigration and trust has been recognized and added by IRCC to their reading list. They send our research to their departments and researchers. Read More >

My Interview with The Source, Forum of Diversity

April 2017

My interview with The Source, Forum of Diversity on my research paper recently published in the Geoforum about international students’ post graduation plan is available now. Read More >

My Research is featured in University Herald

February 2017

My research article on international students’ concept of ‘home’ is featured in University Herald. Read More >

My Research is featured in UBC News

February 2017

My article “International students’ post-graduation migration plans and the search for home” is featured in the UBC News. Read More >

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