Currently,  I teach Social Statistics (SOCI3030) at the undergraduate level and Advanced Quantitative Methods SOCI 6112 at the graduate level at York University.

I was an instructor in sociology at UBC. I taught Social Statistics and Survey Methods at the undergraduate level and Advanced Quantitative Methods at the graduate level. At UBC, I am fortunate to have worked with students from many different countries. This experience has prepared me to teach students with diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. I value a positive teacher-student relationship and always make myself approachable to students.

I have served as a mentor for over 20 undergraduate and graduate students.  A number of my mentees went on to graduate school at Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, John Hopkins, NYU, UC Berkeley, and Oxford. This year, I am mentoring Nil Polat, Roger Wang, and Prabhjot Singh Dhindsa.



Nil is a third year undergraduate at UBC, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Family Studies. She is from Istanbul, Turkey. We are working on a research project on Trust and Ethnic Conflicts in Turkey. Nil has been invited to present the preliminary results at Harvard Undergraduate Research Conference in January.





Roger is a second year student in the Cognitive Systems Program. Having had an interest in the social factors that influence mental health, he hopes to delve into research intersecting the disciplines of mental health and sociology.



Prabh Grad Photo


Prabh is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science at UBC. Interested in sports he takes any opportunity to research more about sports and how analytics and longevity of players have progressed over the years. Currently, we are analyzing the effect of missing the first attempt on field goal percentage of NBA basketball players.